PosturePiP Ltd Offers New Tool to Encourage Employees to Carry Out Exercises for Reduction of Headache Issues

Crawley, United Kingdom, January 31, 2013 --( Top developers of innovative workplace performance solutions, PosturePiP Ltd has recently introduced a new solution designed to enhance worker comfort and improve productivity during time spent in front of a computer screen. By carrying out the exercises demonstrated by the PiP tool, employees can reduce their headache problems while releasing tension in rigid, inflexible neck muscles.

PiP is a simple to use, seamless to implement exercise tool that offers a fun series of exercises for employees to follow while they work. One of the great advantages of utilising PiP on a regular basis is that, in time, users will notice that their neck and shoulder muscles become more flexible as the exercises help eradicate tension headache problems. For the modern office worker suffering from migraines and posture issues as a result of their work, this solution could help improve their quality of life and productivity immeasurably.

The leading advantage for businesses in implementing the PiP solution within their company is a reduction in employee rehabilitation costs and limit absenteeism in the workplace. Workplace injuries like headaches, can cost UK businesses hundreds of pounds per employee each year. By encouraging and helping employees to improve their workplace comfort, companies gain the benefit of a happier and more productive workforce in the long-term.

Companies can empower their employees to respond to their personal health needs by implementing the PiP tool within their offices. To learn more about the product and the range of advantages it offers both users and their employers alike please visit today.
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