Combo KungFu - Flipmode Games Releases a Ninja-Themed Block-Smashing iPad Game

A new martial arts themed iPad game is launched today. Combo KungFu is now available worldwide in the App Store. Players tap and swipe the screen to complete ever more complex Combo sequences, working against the clock in a test of their speed, accuracy and memory skills. This is the first game released by UK-based Flipmode Games.

Swansea, United Kingdom, January 31, 2013 --( Flipmode Games today announce the release of their first game, Combo KungFu, for the iPAD 2+. Combo KungFu is a martial arts themed game where players tap and swipe the screen to complete Combo sequences, working against the clock in a test of their speed, accuracy and memory skills.

In the opening sequence, a gang of KungFu hooligans ransack your village and take your sister hostage. The only way to rescue her is to defeat the Evil Ninja in the upcoming Kingdom Tournament – and to enter, you need to achieve the coveted Combo KungFu Black Belt. Your friend offers to help you train, and throughout the game he gives you advice, encouragement and abuse as you develop your skills.

Combo KungFu is structured as a series of training levels leading up to each successive Belt – 6 Belts in all, plus the Tournament – 35 levels in total. The length and complexity of the combos increases throughout the game, to the point where the tournament levels will be a challenge to even the most dedicated gamers.

Jake Major, founder of Flipmode Games, has always dreamt of making a game, having been a committed gameplayer all his life. “I set out to make the kind of game I love playing – fast, challenging and even a bit stressful, with plenty of rewards in terms of mega high scores, time bonuses, bonus points, achievements, and stars.” The game has several stat bars which track speed, accuracy and combo count for each level, so you can analyse your results and work on your weaknesses to increase your score or achieve a 'perfect'.

“Every time I played the game I asked, how can we make this more exciting, more intense?” says Jake. “Everything is designed to build the pressure and tension of the gameplay, so the sounds build steadily as you progress through each level, there's a sense of scores building up and bonuses being won, and when you complete a level you're buzzing,” he explains.

It's been 14 months in development, and the result is a highly polished game based on an original idea. Lead developer, Boris Bagdhikian, programmed the game in Unity3D, and is already working on the first update. “We intend to keep building on the game, developing new game modes and features. It's a gamer's game and will suit people with a competitive nature and an addictive personality,” he says.

Combo KungFu is now available for iPad 2 onwards as both a Free and a Paid version. The free game includes the first two belts (9 levels), with the full game costing £1.99 in the UK and $2.99 in the US. Combo KungFu is available to download now worldwide from Apple's App Store, or via the website:

Flipmode Games is a new games development company based in Wales, UK, and Combo KungFu is their first game.

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