Dogs and Love - Stories of Fidelity Released for Valentine's Day

New ebook, Dogs and Love, is perfect last-minute Valentine's gift for dog-lover.

Chattanooga, GA, February 01, 2013 --( In a panic over Valentine's Day? She says chocolate is verboten. He says one more pair of cupid-stamped boxers will put him over the edge. Dogs and Love - Stories of Fidelity can be downloaded for $2.99, the price of a cheesy greeting card, and has much more sentiment, especially for dog-lovers. "These sixteen true dog stories showcase the importance of dogs in the emotional lives of humans," says author Ferris Robinson. The stories run the gamut from humorous to heart-warming, but all of them bring the reader a deeper appreciation of man's best friend.

A recent empty-nester, Robinson began writing about dogs when her boys were young, but now that her sons have left home, she finds her attachment to her dogs is even stronger. "They are certainly better behaved than my sons ever were," she says.

Robinson planned the release date to coincide with Valentine's Day because it was an easy solution to the perpetual problem of yet another gift-giving holiday. "My husband forgot Valentine's Day last year, and ended up bringing me a lame greeting card and a Snicker's bar because he didn't have time for anything else," she says. "He would have saved a couple of bucks by giving me this ebook, and I would have gotten something memorable." Dogs and Love can now be downloaded instantly and every single story is about love, so it's a perfect gift for Valentine's Day, last-minute or not. Robinson advises the giver to add a personal message to the download. "You can't go wrong adding a message like Darling, you are truly the person the dog thinks you are," she says.

Ferris Robinson is a columnist for and The Lookout Mountain Mirror. Featured on the cover of Women's World Magazine in 1996 for her low-fat recipes, she is currently re-releasing her cookbooks, Never Trust A Hungry Cook, The Gorgeless Gourmet's Cookbook - low-fat recipes for super-busy people and Simplify Supper.

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