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My Rambling Anthology of Teasers by author Ann Snizek.

Charlotte Court House, VA, February 01, 2013 --( Virginia author, Ann Snizek, has released her first collection of short stories: My Rambling Anthology of Teasers in both eBook and print. All stories within this collection are written solely by Ann Snizek for the purposes of entertainment and education. The author intends to expand each of the stories into full-length novels/novellas in the future and is publishing them in this anthology as a sample of her work to promote interest and awareness.

The first story: The Inimitable Vampire Child will also be published (near the end of 2013) within the anthology In Vein collected by Jodie Pierce, author of The Vampire Queen in support of St. Jude's Children's Hospital. For more info go to:

"Reading isn't just an enjoyable pastime. It is vital for individual growth, survival, and self-improvement. If you know someone that 'doesn't like to read' it is probably one of two reasons. 1) They have difficulty comprehending what they read. 2) They having found something that interests them.

"I am not alone when I say that if you find something that interests someone, they will be more likely to read. If they comprehend they will be more likely to read. So, the key is to find something on a person's reading level that they are interested in. Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprising, it is difficult to find interesting material for lower level adult readers...

"If you are interested, or know someone who might be, I hope that you will speak up and contact me. Illiteracy has a cure and it starts with people who care. Please let that someone be you. Email me at and put 'Literacy Project' in the subject line."

-- Quote from story 9: Adult Literacy... A Community Project

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About Ann Snizek
Originally from Vermont -- and after a childhood of relocating -- Ann Snizek finally settled in southern Virginia with her family. She is actively involved with literacy in her community through tutoring and facilitation of a local writing club, which is also interactive online through Facebook.

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