To Eris - Human (Payton Chronicles Book 1): New Series by Author Ann Snizek

To Eris - Human (Payton Chronicles Book 1) available through major online book retailers March 15, 2013.

Charlotte Court House, VA, February 01, 2013 --( Virginia author, Ann Snizek, is about to release the first novel of her new series: To Eris - Human (Payton Chronicles Book 1) in both eBook and print.


Eris Payton believes she's going insane when she meets Nelson -- a lucent -- a being that has always been invisible and silent to humans -- until Eris. When his brother falls ill, Nelson brings Eris news of her estranged dad, the acclaimed geneticist Dr. Payton. Nelson not only introduces Eris to a world she didn’t know existed by taking her to Downside, but to people who accept her for who she is. It isn't as easy as that though.

Lucents have innate abilities to manipulate living energy. Another ability, although difficult, dangerous, and rarely preformed, is to merge their DNA with a human to save that person's life. The two literally become one, known as a hybrid. Nelson became a hybrid only a few months ago and still has his own demons to fight. Dr. Payton also became a hybrid -- years ago when he mysteriously disappeared -- and has disappeared again after he established a quarantine. But what does this have to do with Eris?

The lucents' unique DNA leaves them vulnerable to viruses that humans don't even know about, and it is one such virus that has spread through the lucent communities. However, according to detailed notes left behind by Dr. Payton, the specially engineered DNA that makes Eris able to see and hear the lucents while remaining human also holds the key to curing the epidemic that has devastated the lucent population. Will she be able to cope with the largest upheaval her life has ever seen?

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Originally from Vermont -- and after a childhood of relocating -- Ann Snizek finally settled in southern Virginia with her family. She is actively involved with literacy in her community through tutoring and facilitation of a local writing club, which is also interactive online through Facebook.

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