New Talk Show to be Produced in Dallas

nvisionMedia/streetlevel launches funding campaign to produce new talk show in Dallas, TX. Program would feature interviews and debates with local filmmakers, musicians, actors and politicians.

Dallas, TX, February 02, 2013 --( nvisionMedia/streetlevel, a music, film and online content production company in Dallas, TX, has launched the financing effort to raise funds to produce "Streetlevel," a new talk show that will be filmed and produced in Dallas. The program will feature interviews and debates with local filmmakers, actors, musicians, artists and politicians, primarily in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, but will also include guests from across Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. A production and distribution date is TBD, but is projected for late 2013, early 2014.

The show is the brainchild of Charles Prauphet, a filmmaker in Dallas, who felt the time had come for a showcase of this kind.

"When I made my second short film and was trying to promote and distribute it, I discovered the hundreds, if not thousands of other films, both feature and short, that are produced across this country, films that very few people even hear about or know about," said Mr. Prauphet. "I wanted to provide a way for filmmakers and other artists like myself, who are not well-known or well-funded, to have the same kind of outlet that someone like a Peter Jackson or JJ Abrams have. I want 'Streetlevel' to be the 'Tonight Show' for the little guy."

He went on to add that he envisions a show much like the "Charlie Rose" program, basic in nature but at the same time, intimate and informative.

"I want a show where it's just the host and the guests. Maybe have two or three guests on at a time, to discuss their projects. Then get them all together and have a roundtable discussion about anything that is going on in the news. This will give the audience an even clearer picture of the guests' sense of humor, their likeability and their charm."

The show would be initially distributed via online video services like Youtube and Vimeo, with other online outlets being added as they become available. The show would feature sponsors and product placement to generate revenue to sustain production. nvisionMedia/streetlevel is currently seeking initial funding for the project through, a crowdfunding service much like, that has been instrumental in funding various projects, from films to music to adventure trips. The direct link to the "Streetlevel" campaign is
Verlen George