5 Smart Tips for Moving Back to College

Wayne, PA, August 01, 2007 --(PR.com)-- College students across the country are getting ready to move back to school. Instead of cramming their cars, they can transport it all – by using a moving or shipping service that matches their needs. TSI offers 5 smart tips on how to get the most for the money.

Tip #1 Know your moving needs
If you’re only moving a few boxes, parcel service is usually best. For a large number of boxes, freight service is cheaper. For furniture or similar large items, contact a mover.

Tip #2 Know the mileage
Distance can determine just what type of mover to call. If a move is under 50 miles, use a local moving service. If a move is over 100 miles then a small move specialist is the best choice.

Tip #3 Prepare items properly
To minimize moving expenses, box the things that can be security packed and ship them by parcel service or by using a freight shipper. For larger furniture items, a moving company will take care of the preparation. Preparation costs a bit more, but the convenience and security of professional packing services will justify the cost.

Tip #4 Know time constraints
Different types of moving and shipping services require different amounts of time. When shipping only boxes, a moving company will offer next-day pickup and delivery within a week or less. For larger furniture items, a mover will take one to two weeks for pickup and one to two weeks for delivery. A local moving company will pickup and deliver the items the same day.

Tip #5 Purchase insurance
Supplemental insurance is available on freight shipments. Movers are required to carry insurance in most states, but not all. Be sure to ask, and get it in writing.

There are many steps in the moving process and it can be a confusing time. A shipping broker, such as TSI, can help find a moving solution that best matches the moving needs. A broker will help save time, energy and money.


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