Janitorial Carpet Cleaning Service Plans to Take the Auto Detail Shop Mobile

Janitorial Carpet Cleaning of Omaha, NE is not only marketing the usual services of your average cleaning company. They plan to be more dynamic and innovative by not just offering carpet cleaning and janitorial services, but are extending their market to the auto industry by the use of a traveling auto detail shop.

Omaha, NE, February 03, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Janitorial Carpet Cleaning is doing something that you can find everyday, traveling from customer to customer for carpet cleanings. They are now marketing to their customers, new and used car dealership auto details. What is so extraordinary about a cleaning company offering more cleaning services? Well the greatest thing about their detail shop is that it is not a shop at all. It is what they have been using all along to clean the carpets in residential and commercial areas and are now going expand the use of these tools to clean and detail vehicles, boats, and motor homes.

The main path the Janitorial Carpet Cleaning is trying to take is very simple. Beat out the rest of the companies offering auto detail services by being where the customer needs them to be. Professional auto detail shops are exactly that, places that never move in order to make their services more convenient for potential customers. A place where the customers would have to bring their car, drop it off and wait for there vehicle to be serviced. This could be a very time consuming process and if trying to save time the only thing to do is make an appointment. Not any more says Janitorial Carpet Cleaning.

The point of a service based business is to make it as convenient for the customer as possible without consuming any of there time nor instituting hassle. When customers set appointments for residential or commercial carpet cleanings Janitorial Carpet Cleaning technicians go to the location and perform the job with the exact same tools that are adequate for performing professional auto details. The janitorial staff travel with these tools every day to perform residential and commercial carpet cleans, so auto detailing with mobility is an extra avenue that can be pursued to gain more clients, accounts, and revenues. There are plenty of car dealerships new and used that get cars detailed before they are place on the lot. There is also a large market for residential clients who would like their cars professionally detailed without having to hand their keys over and abandon their most prized possession which makes auto detailing with mobility an untapped market in Omaha, Ne. So in order to make the most use of the assets Janitorial Carpet Cleaning and it's staff already retain, they see it in their best interest to offer mobilized auto details as a way to provide more services to the public and acquire more clients as a result. As well as creating more business connections by establishing Janitorial Carpet Cleaning as the mobilize auto detailing trend-setters in Omaha, Ne and it's surrounding areas. Setting Janitorial Carpet Cleaning apart from the rest of competitors by being the movers and shakers of the auto detailing market.
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