John R. Hickman and John Robbins Jr. Appear on The Benefits Buzz

Ramping Up Health Benefit Cards for 2008 on The Benefits Buzz - Hickman and Robbins Join The Benefits Buzz Show Host Sharon Alt

Fort Worth, TX, August 01, 2007 --( Health benefit “swipe” cards have become an absolute necessity for most FSA/HRA health benefit programs. Beginning 2008, new IRS rules will totally change how these health benefit cards work for FSAs and HRAs. Join The Benefits Buzz host Sharon Alt as she is joined by nationally recognized benefits attorney John R. Hickman and John Robbins Jr. from Data Path Software. Together they will walk through the new rules and necessary system changes that will need to be made to keep your benefits package running.

The Benefits Buzz host Sharon Alt, also president of Fort Worth based Alt Benefit Consultants, says “nothing will turn people off more than if their cards don’t work in 2008 at their favorite merchants. “Yet, this is what will happen if important system changes are not made – and soon to adopt an IRS compliant inventory information approval system. “Join me, Hickman and Robbins as we discuss the future of health benefit cards.”


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