Economical and Gorgeous Wedding Cake Options

New Castle, WA, February 06, 2013 --( As spring approaches brides across the nation are gearing up for the start of 2013’s wedding season. Dresses need to be ordered, the venue chosen, guests invited, and of course a cake selected. With so many decisions to make and tasks needing attention, the expenses of throwing such an event can really put a damper on anyone’s vision of their big day.

Although the economy is seemingly on the mend, weddings can stand as a huge financial obstacle to many happy couples. A new trend showing prominence in many spectacular events these days is a multitude of cupcakes instead of one traditional, and costly, wedding cake.

Even simple wedding cakes can break a budget, making beautifully done cupcakes an edgy and economical alternative. No bride wants some elementary school platter of little frosted cakes however, and this is where couture cupcake liners and stands come to the rescue.

Tasty individual servings of cake topped with colorful frosting, wrapped in themed liners, and displayed creatively upon a stand can take guest’s breath away just as well as the old fashioned five-tiered money-pit wedding cake ever could. Better yet, no one has to be put in charge of cutting the giant thing up into a million even-sized proportions at just the right time during the reception.

Of course cutting a normal cake means most of the design and visual appeal is lost by the time each wedding guest has received their piece. Since cupcakes are individually decorated, from frosting to wrapper, each guest has the opportunity to personally enjoy the full effect of the “wedding cakes” design and beauty.

Once the scrumptious little cakes have been decked out to the nines, they can be displayed in their full glory. Many different shapes, heights, and layouts of cupcake stands are available to do just that. No longer are brides and wedding planners restricted to having all the cake in one place; now there is the option to feature stunning cupcakes on multiple stands around the entire reception space. Having more options means every bride can accomplish that “perfect day look” so dear to their hearts.

Bella Cupcakes Couture brings beauty to everyone’s favorite little cakes via boutique-style cupcake wrapper designs printed on recycled paper with soy inks. Entirely safe for food, these chic and posh decorations will brighten up any bride’s big day. With dozens of options ranging from sophisticated and elegant to hip and colorful, every event can benefit from Bella’s selection of gorgeous adornments.
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