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Lauren Manufacturing Offers Custom Seals for Countless Applications

Window and door manufacturers looking to save costs should look to Lauren Manufacturing for designing window and door gaskets. These custom products are designed for creating manufacturing efficiency at the customer end, saving countless man hours and bottom line savings.

New Philadelphia, OH, August 01, 2007 --( Engineered window and door gaskets easily integrate into existing operations.

When the purchasing, operations and management teams repeatedly hear a supplier’s name from employees on the plant floor, it usually means there’s a problem. Lauren Manufacturing has been told its name is never mentioned because its products are always delivered on time, at a high quality and are seamlessly integrated into the customer’s production line.

Lauren manufactures custom engineered polymer seals and gaskets for the window and door markets. For more than 40 years the company has been perfecting seamless integration of its products into the operations of its customers. Part of a vertically integrated company, Lauren has the capability to compound specific materials and design optimal profiles for individual customers.

“Our goal is always to engineer a seal or gasket that gives our customer’s product a competitive edge; however, we don’t stop there,” said Sheryl Ashleman, marketing manager. “We look to see if we can cut down on material waste, set up a shipping system to cut inventory costs for the customer, and deliver the product in a configuration that saves assembly and manufacturing dollars.”

To accomplish all this, a team from Lauren spends time on-site with customers to get a true sense of the customer’s needs and to determine additional ways Lauren can improve the end product and overall costs. According to Ashleman, when customers visit the Lauren facilities, they are able to fully understand Lauren’s capabilities.

“Customer visits to Lauren usually lead to discussions that may not have taken place because customers sometimes don’t realize just how much Lauren can do beyond engineering a custom seal or gasket,” she said. “They see firsthand our premier lean operations and understand just how serious we are about reducing waste and providing customers with the best service possible.”

By working closely with customers, Lauren determines the right material for the application and designs a profile that eliminates issues before they become a problem in the field. Knowing the needs of the customers also helps Lauren determine factors such as:

• Can material be eliminated from the profile and still be effective?
• If adhesive is used, is it the proper type and size; is the amount sufficient or excessive for the application?
• Is the gasket the best available and in the right packaging?

Given its in-house ability to engineer custom materials, Lauren only uses high-end polymers in manufacturing products for its customers. Each seal is specifically designed for a customer’s application, and gives customers the edge they want to stay competitive in their market.

Lauren offers many special features in seal design including color matching, dual durometers, EPDM, silicone for temperatures, Neoprenes and TPV polymers, plus silicone compatible EPDM, low-friction coating and flocking for ease of installation.

Lauren also offers additional value-added services like application of adhesive systems, notching, drilling and splicing as well as logistics management and shipping.

“Every service we offer our customer is there to help them achieve quicker speed to market,” said Ashleman. “We want our customer’s products to be delivered on time and at the highest quality, just like ours.”

For more information about Lauren Manufacturing or the company’s capabilities, please visit call 800.864.0676 or visit the website at .

About Lauren Manufacturing: Lauren Manufacturing is a full-service supplier of standard and custom extruded and molded sealing solutions. Lauren strives to deliver value to its customers through superior products by combining operational excellence and exceptional customer service with unmatched speed-to-market. Contact us at: phone: 800-683-0676; fax: 330-339-1515; or Web site: Lauren Manufacturing Company is located at 2228 Reiser Avenue SE, New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663.

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