Online Volunteers Play a Key Role in Success of Special Events

Winnipeg, Canada, August 02, 2007 --( Most not-for-profit organizations still rely (only) on face-to-face volunteers to help plan, organize and execute their special events. However, Canadian-based charitable organization, Macdonald Youth Services (MYS), has demonstrated that Internet-based volunteers can play a key role in the success of special events.

To mark their major milestone, MYS held a series of special events to illustrate and celebrate their remarkable 75 year history helping at-risk children: A digital client art exhibit, showcasing the talents of their clients, whether in sculpture, pencil, poetry or paintings; a narrated time line presentation that conveyed MYS's humble beginnings in 1929 to today, where service is provided for thousands of Manitoba's at-risk children; a concert fundraiser, wherein bands donated their time and talent to a fund to buy arts and cultural program materials for MYS's clients; a reception at the Dalnavert Museum, the former home of MYS's founder, Hugh John Macdonald, and a Diamond Dinner.

Whether it was, for example, voicing Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to promote their events, poster or advertisement creation, restoring old photographs, scanning photos, retyping old documents, designing invitations and programs, crafting new releases, developing multimedia presentations and DVDs or producing a video PSA for broadcast on local TV, online volunteers from around the globe played a key role in the success of MYS's 75th anniversary events.

To co-ordinate their anniversary events, MYS hired Julie Fine. Although an experienced event planner, Fine had not worked with online volunteers before.

"I have worked on a number of events in the past, but this is the first time that I have been able to work with virtual volunteers and it was an absolutely amazing experience", stated Fine "I had no idea the quality of work that was available and the variety that the virtual volunteers could provide, and I was constantly amazed as I worked over the past eight months on a number of projects, " continued Fine.

"Digital presentations, as opposed to physical exhibits and presentations, were easy to display and distribute via a number of mediums, from the Web to DVDs," stated MYS Online Volunteer Program Developer, Randy Tyler. "Moreover, (digital) multimedia content can be easily archived and re-purposed (for example, our narrated multimedia time line presentation is now part of our employee orientation package)," added Tyler.

“Without the virtual volunteers, we would’ve had to pay for a number of services and this would’ve meant money taken away from an arts & cultural trust fund we’re preparing for youth, so that they can take arts classes, theatre and dance,” said Fine.

To recognize and show appreciation for the significant contribution online volunteers made towards the success of MYS's anniversary events, Event Co-ordinator Julie Fine delivered a video thank you message to them. The 1.5 minute video, which was produced by MYS's New York based online volunteer Richard Wagner, speaks to the amazement Fine experienced in working with these highly-skilled online volunteers. The video is available for download in various formats (WMV, Flash SWF, FLV Flash, MPG4, MPG2 and DivX) at the following URL:

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Macdonald Youth Services (MYS), a trusted and respected registered charitable healing and support agency based in Winnipeg, Canada, has been Building Better Tomorrows for Mantoba's at-risk children since 1929. Through a variety of innovative and leading programming, MYS provides services for thousands of Manitoba’s young people on a yearly basis. Since 1998, MYS has been at the forefront of successfully utilizing highly-skilled online volunteers from around the globe to enhance their programs and services.

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