New Feline Photoblog Travelling Cats Features Cat Pictures from Around the World

For over ten years, Vanessa Morgan has been snapping pictures of every cat she meets during her travels around the world. The new feline photoblog Travelling Cats is the collection of those cat pictures.

New York, NY, February 07, 2013 --( On what inspired Vanessa to start a feline photoblog:

"I'm a huge cat lover; I always take photos of the cats I meet in the streets or on holiday. After a while, I had about 500 cat pictures, many of them really worth sharing," Vanessa Morgan says. The pictures on Travelling Cats are not just about beautiful kitties, they also give a good idea of what the cities and countries in which those pictures have been taken look like. Also, whereas in some countries cats look like divas, in others they are unkempt, poor creatures. It's an interesting project on many levels.

On where she takes photos:

Vanessa takes her camera with her wherever she goes. Many pictures are from her holidays, but there are also the neighbors' cats and pictures of cats she meets when she just goes about her day. The idea is to have a collection of cat pictures from as many cities and countries as possible.

On her favorite cat photography moment:

"I posted a picture on Travelling Cats of what is probably the fattest cat on the planet (you can hardly see his paws anymore) and also one of a purple cat. Can't help but love those weird kitties," Vanessa says. "Apart from that, my favorite cat pictures are those with the cats I had a special connection with or those that remind me of an important moment in my life."

On cat photo submissions:

Travelling Cats also accepts cat photo submissions from readers in order to maintain a wide variety of cats, cities and countries.

About Vanessa Morgan:

Vanessa Morgan is the author of the supernatural thrillers Drowned Sorrow and The Strangers Outside. Her screenplays A Good Man and GPS With Benefits are currently in production. She has three blogs: one about her life as an author and screenwriter, one dedicated to her cat Avalon and now also Travelling Cats. If she's not blogging or writing her latest supernatural thriller, you can find her reading, watching movies, going to film festivals, digging through flea markets or indulging in her unhealthy addiction to her cat.
Vanessa Morgan