Dr. Leigh-Davis Signs with Media Talent Agency and Focuses on Comedy

In addition to developing the docuseries "The Magazine," Dr. Leigh-Davis will be seeking new comedy work with her new representatives, Media Talent Agency.

Los Angeles, CA, February 08, 2013 --(PR.com)-- After making the decision to concentrate on producing, Dr. Leigh-Davis signs with Media Talent Agency. Only recently did Dr. Leigh-Davis agree to air on iTunes, unreleased episodes of "The Legal Analyst." Now, Dr. Leigh-Davis again solidifies, she will be concentrating more on producing and writing. "We have had a lot of interest in the docuseries, 'The Magazine'," stated Creative Endeavors executive, Michael Dunkle.

"Previously, we produced a successful pilot [of 'The Magazine'], but the network just thought the production was too expensive at the time. But time has passed, and we expect a deal to be forthcoming," continued Michael Dunkle. "The Magazine" is a docuseries exposing the daily happenings of the glossy magazine "Confidence Magazine," and its editor-in-chief Dr. Leigh-Davis. Bea Gold at Media Talent Agency announced, "Dr. Leigh-Davis is also exploring being a producer-for-hire on other established comedy shows." Having started as a writer in sitcoms and live TV in the 1980's, Dr. Leigh-Davis and Media Talent Agency plan to market her to both scripted and non-scripted television shows.

Yesterday, Dr. Leigh-Davis clarified, “In the past, being a law professor was first and foremost, but I have been very successful at that and now I want to move on to new challenges. I still think any broadcast journalist can benefit from comedy training; it keeps you own your feet; sharpens your improvisational skills; and keeps things entertaining.” In addition to her legal background, Dr. Leigh-Davis' forte is hosting all types of television shows. "I currently host ‘Profiles in Philanthropy,’ and I appear to have been increasing my female fans,” added Dr. Leigh-Davis. Happily, following Dr. Leigh-Davis’ appearance on the “Dr. Phil” television show, where she denounced men doing housework, she was not ambushed by, the usual, hate mail from female viewers. “Either more women are agreeing with me, or they are just realizing we can agree to disagree,” commented Dr. Leigh-Davis.

Dr. Leigh-Davis’ revised book, “Success Living," will be available in the coming months. In addition to being a law professor, Dr. Leigh-Davis is a popular media personality who has a weekly radio talk show; writes for several syndicated newspaper columns; and regularly appears on television as a legal analyst and relationship expert.

Dr. Leigh-Davis’ talk radio show “The Real Deal hosted by Dr. Leigh-Davis” airs LIVE every Wednesday night at 10 PM Pacific Time on Blog Talk Radio as well as other stations. Visit Dr. Leigh-Davis’ official website for more information.
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