Tire Changer and Wheel Balancer Sale

Nashua, NH, February 09, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment LLC Announces a Special Offer on their Tire Changers and Wheel Balancers. Purchase a PRO 890A WB Wheel Balancer and a PRO 920A Plus TC Tire Changer together and receive a discount of $244.00.

The PRO 890A WB Wheel Balancer is priced at $1,149 and the PRO 920 PLUS TC Tire Changer is priced at $1,495. The regular price of these two units combined is $2,644.

For a limited time, if you purchase these 2 units, they are priced together at only $2,400.

The PRO 890A WB Wheel Balancer features an automatic electric break; wheel guard; auto start; self diagnosis and self calibration; Static AL1, AL2, AL3 balancing modes; high-precision machined spindle and superior bearing for precision balancing; is changeable between gram and ounce, as well as changeable between millimeter and inch; and currently comes with a free XL cone (valued at $149) that fits larger pickup trucks (e.g., F350). It measures 4.25" - 5.98".

The PRO 920 PLUS TC Tire Changer features a larger and thicker turntable dismounting 10-22" rim and max, tire diameter 39"; an "s" linkage design, which moves turntable clamps and ensures firm, even grip on wheels; powerful under turntable cylinders that hold clamps firm; a taller vertical post, dismounting max, tire width 12"; a 40 amp rated silver contact universal reversing switch, a hexangular shaft made of hardened steel, preventing distortion when operating larger or low profile stiff tires, high quality steel foot pedal assembly; Rim clamps cast of fine alloy steel, and each of the 4 rim clamps have 2 air jets for maximum bead blasting efficiency. The dismounting head is equipped with bead pressing device (assist roller), which can be engaged or parked. It also includes one drop center clamp for difficult tires. The bead breaker cylinder made of non-corrosive steel for long life, it has 5500Lb. bead breaking force. The turntable is powered by 110 volt copper wound motor.

Both of these machines include a 1 year limited warranty. Please contact Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment LLC at 603-234-2612.
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