New IECEx Intrinsic Safety Certification for the doseBadge Personal Noise Dosemeter

The CR:110AIS doseBadge, the Intrinsically Safe Personal Noise Dosemeter from Cirrus Research plc, now has an IECEx Certification issued by SIMTARS (Safety in Mines Testing and Research Station) in Australia.

Hunmanby, United Kingdom, August 02, 2007 --( This new certification, and the second IECEx Certification to be carried, supplements the ATEX, EEx and SABS Intrinsic Safety (IS) approvals carried by the CR:110AIS doseBadge.

Ideal for complying with both OSHA and EU Occupational Noise Regulations, the doseBadge uses proven technology housed in a robust metal case. The doseBadge is widely used in the Petrochemical, Mining, Construction and Pharmaceutical industries world-wide and is the ideal tool for measuring and reporting occupational noise exposures.

Simple to operate, the doseBadge has no external controls or controls and can withstand tough environments as well as hazardous areas where EEx or ATEX is required. The Intrinsic Safety Approval is for both Group I (Mining Applications) and Group II (Non-Mining Applications).

The doseBadge is a unique solution to the problems associated with the measurement of personal noise exposure. The small size and light weight of the unit allow it to be used in situations where a traditional style noise dosemeter, with the microphone attached to a cable, often causes problems.

The new version of the CR:110AIS doseBadge also includes the updates made at the start of 2007 and these include:

Rapid Charging for the doseBadge

One of the most exciting new developments for the doseBadge is the introduction of the CU:110A Charger unit. This new Charger unit allows up to 5 doseBadge units to be recharged within 2 hours. In most situations, the actual charge time will be quicker than this.

The new CU:110A Charger is intelligent and can be “daisy chained” to additional CU:110A charger units to provide more charging points. This new charger supports all previous versions of the doseBadge but has been specifically designed to be used with the most recent CR:110A and CR:110AIS variants.

New Dual Channel Measurements

The updated CR:110A and CR:110AIS doseBadge Personal Noise Dosemeters will provide, as standard, Dual Channel measurements. This allows the doseBadge to operate as two “independent” noise dosemeters and to give two sets of measurement data.

In the UK, this can be used to assess the impact of the changes in the Noise at Work Regulations by comparing noise exposures at the previous and the new action levels.

In countries that follow the OSHA regulations such as the USA, the Dual Channel function allows users to make two simultaneous measurements that can be used to compare, for example, OSHA and ISO noise exposures.

Both the doseBadge and the Reader Unit have new software to allow these extra measurements to be made but the operation of the doseBadge remains as simple as ever with the dual channel measurements transparent to the user.

Updated Software

To support the new Dual Channel measurements detailed above, an updated version of the dBLink software has been released which allows the user to download and view the dual channel information as well as create reports.

Marketing Manager, James Tingay comments: “These new features and functions have been added to doseBadge to ensure that it remains the ideal choice for personal noise exposure measurements.

The design of the doseBadge and the easy of use have been the key features and have contributed to the success of this unique product. In updating the product we have ensured that the doseBadge remains simple to operate and provides the measurements needed for compliance with noise at work regulations around the world.”

The doseBadge can be provided as a complete measurement kit with 1, 2, 5 or 10 individual doseBadges and is available with either the standard CR:110A doseBadge or with the Intrinsically Safe CR:110AIS variant. The CR:110AIS is certified to ATEX, EEx, SABS and MSHA. The ATEX, EEx and SABS Certifications cover both Mining and Non-Mining applications.

Cirrus Research plc
James Tingay