Improved Movienizer 6.0: Organize Your Movie Collection in a Few Clicks

New York, NY, February 11, 2013 --( Movienizer, a company specializing in cataloguing tools for movie, music and book collections, announced today the release of Movienizer 6.0, a major version of its handy movie organizer. New features of this version include advanced search, full Unicode support and enhanced user interface.

Movienizer is a cataloguing program developed specially for movie collections of all sizes. Its functions enable the user to organize a disordered pile of movies in a few mouse clicks, automatically import relevant information about them and quickly find a certain movie even in a very large collection.

How does it work? The user adds movies to the catalogue in any preferred way: by entering the title, the barcode, selecting the file path (on the PC or on the network) or by simply inserting a disc. Movienizer supports cataloguing movies on all disc types: CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, and HD-DVD.

Further, Movienizer automatically connects to online databases and imports all relevant information about the movie: synopsis, cast, studios, directors, awards, shots, ratings, personal filmography, and more. With the full Unicode support the new version allows importing information in any languages, since it can store Roman and Cyrillic characters, hieroglyphs, umlaut symbols, and other diacritic marks in a single database.

The enhanced search feature allows the user searching for the desired movie not only by its title, but also by a phrase from its synopsis. Besides, there is a special feature for managing borrowed movies: even if someone borrows a disk and forgets to return it, Movienizer will remind the user, who took it and when it is due back.

Movienizer’s browser-like interface is quite clear, and even novices are unlikely to run into any difficulties when using it. There are several interface styles with different designs and additional functions: for example, the Breeze style shows shots from random movies on the home page, some interface styles show the list of today’s birthdays, and so on.

By default the program automatically connects to an online movie database and downloads necessary information about movies and actors. Users can select from a big number of movie information sources, including resources in different languages. If another movie cataloguing program was used earlier, its data can be imported to Movienizer quite easily.

Key Features of Movienizer 6.0:
- Quick and convenient organizing of movie collections;
- Access to the largest databases on the Internet and automatic import of information;
- Full Unicode support;
- Convenient searching by movie title and by a phrase from the movie synopsis;
- Ability to create illustrated catalogues for WD TV, Google TV, and Dune media players;
- Several user interface styles with different designs and features;
- Support of CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, and video files on HDDs;
- Ability to manage borrowed movies;
- Ability to play movies in the built-in or in any external media player.

Pricing and Availability
A single-user license for Movienizer 6.0 costs 39.95 USD. Further information about pricing, as well as the free trial version, is available at

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Tamara Slabnina