Boomerang Leads Teams Up with South Carolina Realtor for Powerful Home Purchasing Strategy

Unique approach provides win-win situation for Realtors and homebuyers.

Greenville, SC, February 10, 2013 --( Boomerang Leads has teamed up with South Carolina Realtors to bring a powerful home buying experience to Colorado Springs homebuyers. The company based in Logan Utah has created a unique and easy to use online program which helps homebuyers find homes quickly and easily and connects them with a Realtor who already has a knowledge of the area as well as client desires and needs.

Boomerang Leads has created, designed, and optimize to bring a new home shopping experience to those who are looking to buy a new home in South Carolina. Home shoppers are able to find homes quickly and easily through customizable search tools and categorized homes on the website. Kirk Salisbury, project manager overseeing the development of said, “By providing tools that will either allow a home shopper to find a home by area, price range, square footage, and many other features, a home shopping prospect can find the perfect home in minutes.”

What is unique about the approach? Boomerang Leads effectively creates an online search venue useful to home buyers, and allows the Realtor to understand their clients needs. A functioning relationship between homebuyer and Realtor is fostered by Boomerang that speeds up the home shopping process. This relationship helps the homebuyer find a home quickly and allows the Realtor to move on a home quickly because they understand their clients. An expedited process results in the homebuyer saving money and headaches and at the same time the Realtor’s business profits.

Boomerang Leads oversees the development of the website and is responsible for it’s upkeep and marketing. Through dedication and hard work Boomerang Leads brings more potential homebuyers to Realtors which saves them the hard work of having to do it all on their own. Kirk Salisbury, director of marketing at Boomerang Leads said, “This is exciting. South Carolina is new ground for us and it seems to have huge opportunity. As far as we can tell, there really is nothing out there for a home shopper which will give them such an intuitive home shopping experience.”

The service is simple for homebuyers. Shoppers go to and start searching for homes. Homes are broken down into categories and free search tools allow buyers to find exactly what they need within just a few minutes. Taking it a step further, homebuyers are offered the option to receive emails alerting them when a home comes on the market and to save their favorite homes from their searches. Homebuyers have expressed appreciation knowing they will receive an alert within 24 hours of a home they may be interested in entering the market.

This service is useful for those inside South Carolina looking for new homes. At the same time, those outside of South Carolina can find homes here without ever stepping foot inside the state. The whole process saves everyone time and money in the home shopping process.

Boomerang Leads is a private company headquartered in Logan, Utah that provides a new home buying experience for consumers, as well as a complete marketing solution for real estate agents. Since 2011, Boomerang Leads strives to create a win-win relationship for both home shoppers and real estate agents. Boomerang Leads provides a straightforward and simple online method to find the right home to purchase for homebuyers. Using Boomerang Leads, real estate agents and brokers have the opportunity to contact these buyers. For real estate agents and brokers, Boomerang Leads is a firm, which includes ad campaign management, web design, and SEO, as well as day-to-day management tools. For more information, please call Kirk Salisbury at 435-232-1097 or visit

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