Würth USA Adds Five New Diesel Additives to Product Line

Ramsey, NJ, February 10, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Würth USA, Inc. (WURTH) a leading provider of top-quality automotive and cargo chemicals, fasteners, electrical supplies and tools, announced the release of five new Diesel Additives to their product line.

Designed as an economical way to provide year-round protection, this product offering includes Diesel Conditioner & Lubricant, a multi-functional fuel additive formulated to clean fuel injectors and provide cold weather and lubricity protection; Diesel Moisture Remover & Emergency Degeller for preventative maintenance against tank moisture buildup or as an emergency additive to dissolve gelled fuel; Diesel Injector Cleaner & Cetane Boost to improve fuel economy and increase cetane numbers while keeping fuel injectors clean; Diesel Conditioner and Anti Gel, to protect against filter plugging/icing and provide lubricity protection and fuel stability; and Diesel Anti Gel for providing maximum protection from cold filter plugging and fuel line freezing.

“We are pleased to introduce high-quality diesel additives to improve the quality of all diesel fuels at a very economical use rate for our customers,” stated Gordon Seaman, Chemical Product Manager and Regulatory Specialist at Würth USA.

About Würth USA Inc.

WURTH USA is a leading supplier of high-quality automotive parts, products, and services. The Company’s extensive inventory of hardware, chemicals, fasteners, hand tools and more provides their customers with everything they need to succeed.

Founded in 1969 as WURTH Fastener Corporation, Würth USA is headquartered in a 73,000 square foot office/warehouse complex in Ramsey, NJ. With expanded distribution throughout the United States, the Company works together with 500 employees to service nearly 40,000 customers.

In 2011, WURTH extended their product offering to include cargo and fleet maintenance solutions for trucking companies, fleet maintenance shops, and cargo repair facilities.

For more information, visit www.wurthusa.com.
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