Greenlight Test Prep Enters Online GRE Test Preparation Market

New company combines hundreds of high-quality videos with a step-by-step study guide to make GRE preparation as effortless as possible.

Vancouver, Canada, February 11, 2013 --( Greenlight Test Prep recently launched its online GRE preparation program, featuring hundreds of premium videos.

Brent Hanneson, the creator of the program says that, “Video instruction is the best way to learn GRE content, especially math content where students need to learn concepts and strategies in real time, with audio and visual reinforcement.” He adds, “These same features are what make classroom instruction so popular, but with video lessons, the student can review the content as often as they wish.”

The lessons are modularized, which means students can purchase only the content they need. So, for example, if a student is already proficient in most areas but needs help with Statistics and Algebra, then he or she can purchase just those two modules. This modular format is unique to the marketplace and sets Greenlight Test Prep apart from its competitors.

The company also offers a free, easy-to-follow Study Guide that acts as a personal roadmap as students work their way from Day 1 of their preparation all the way to Test Day. The Study Guide is based on the proven, straightforward strategy of learning one concept at a time and then reinforcing your learning by practicing several questions related to that one concept. This lets students see the many different ways the GRE can test their knowledge of this one concept. It also helps them build their confidence as they master one concept at a time.

The program was created to meet the growing need for high-quality instruction that isn’t prohibitively expensive. Greenlight Test Prep is confident that their program can help all students develop the skills needed to confidently tackle the GRE and score higher. The company encourages students to try their program out, risk free, by offering both a Point Increase, and a 7-Day money-back guarantee.
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