New School Finalizing Curriculum Adoption

Trinity Preparatory Academy makes Biblical worldview a priority.

Austin, TX, February 12, 2013 --( What differentiates Trinity Preparatory Academy from other private schools? The Board of Directors and founding families are dedicated to ensuring that the Christian worldview reaches across all subject areas and is incorporated into every aspect of the educational experience at Trinity Prep. One way that Trinity Preparatory Academy is incorporating the Christian worldview is by adopting curricula not separated from God. Kristine Poland, Head of Family Ministries states, "We believe that faith and learning are inseparable. This belief is the basis for every curriculum choice we make."

The science curriculum chosen, God’s Design for Science by Debbie and Richard Lawrence, includes exciting hands-on activities with every lesson and meets the founders' requirement of presenting the subject from a Biblical worldview. Mrs. Poland explains, "This does not mean that any scientific topic is excluded. It simply means that as children learn science, they are taught to fully appreciate God’s creation."

Another curriculum adoption, of which Mrs. Poland is especially proud, is the Bible curriculum, Walking With God and His People by Christian Schools International. “This program is just outstanding,” says Mrs. Poland. "Students acquire knowledge of God's word in a balanced, non-denominational curriculum program that is solid in theology and educational best practices." Trinity Prep plans to use this engaging selection with grades K-5.

Trinity Preparatory Academy is a rigorous, college preparatory University-Model School scheduled to open Fall 2013 to grades K-4. Please go to to view the latest developments.
Trinity Preparatory Academy
Elizabeth Swanson, Ph.D.