Roteck Re-Launches Panic Button

Roteck's unique panic alarm button which can be triggered by several methods now available for the EU.

Johannesburg, South Africa, February 13, 2013 --( Roteck is re-launching the Impact Panic Button for the European market. The device is a solution to a problem many people have experienced with a regular panic button - it is often simply not feasible to activate in a time of need; if you're standing with an armed robber in front of you he's not likely to grant you time to find the button and press it.

Enter the Impact-4 Panic Alarm, specially designed for such incidents.

The Impact-4 Multi Panic Trigger is based on the Nova remote control series from Centurion, and used with their permission. This is proven South African-manufactured technology and comprises four different activation modes in one device. The device is available with up to four buttons, in various colours, and with a variety of trigger systems to assist in an emergency situation.

1) Light sensor to activate automatically by any change of light intensity. Special application: Safe or drawer trigger
2) Magnet sensor to activate automatically by disturbing a magnetic field. Special application: Cash draw trigger
3) Shock sensor to activate automatically by dropping or kicking the unit

The remote units can be configured to link with any existing alarm system, dialer or silent response radio transmitter, or for use with electric gates, garage doors etc.

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