Roteck Improves Metal Detector Function

Roteck has improved the functionality of its walk through metal detectors to avoid a design-flaw evident in all walk through metal detectors. - May 31, 2013

Roteck Technology Assists German School in Controlling Cell Phone Use

Roteck's unique EMF detector technology to help keep classrooms free from unauthorized cell phones. - May 23, 2013

Light-Weight Weapon Detection Solutions from Roteck

Roteck is re-launching improved versions of its custom light-weight walk through weapon detectors to meet European needs and more. - February 14, 2013

Roteck Re-Launches Panic Button

Roteck's unique panic alarm button which can be triggered by several methods now available for the EU. - February 13, 2013

Roteck's New European Network

Roteck South Africa is expanding its operation and market penetration to the EU. - February 11, 2013

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