New Contemporary Humor Novel is Leaving Readers Laughing, Crying, and Sharing

Author Robert Kral is pleased to announce that his new book, Idiotville received the 2012 Pinnacle Achievement Award for best book in the category of humor. The book targets 21st century people, places, practices, and institutions, exaggerates, and then has a belly laugh at their expense.

Chicago, IL, February 13, 2013 --( When the mayor of Idiotville gives Charlie, his ne’er-do-well brother-in-law, a second chance to prove his mettle, he sets the stage for the greatest catastrophe the town has ever witnessed. But before things can go nuclear, the lives of the mayor and his chaotic family, Father Bob, town delinquents Rocco, Bif, and Louie, and a host of wild characters bring the lunacy of America’s most ridiculous town to light as it careens from disaster to disaster to…well, disaster. A timely and irreverent journey of introspection and raucous laughter, the novel grabs America by the proverbial lapels and gives it a good shake.

In the opening chapter, the Mayor must remove trees infected with the Latvian butt-faced beetle. Against his better judgment he hires his dead beat brother-in-law Charlie to take them down. How hard can it be? The horticulturalist marked them all with yellow “xes.” The town’s “Tie a Yellow Ribbon” program to support the troops coincides with the tree job, but come on, that would only cause problems if you’re dealing with a complete idiot. And so begins the escapades of the inhabitants of Idiotville.

From the Church of Bob to a really poor use of a time machine, from the operation of the police department to the economy, from entertainment to politics and energy, the daily lives of the town’s inhabitants are examined in not-so-great detail, sparing no one and nothing in a raucous exposé. But for reasons that no one—not even the mayor—can figure out, things seem to go from bad to worse until a re-booting of the town’s nuclear reactor just might lead to the greatest triumph the town has ever seen.

The book seizes many of life’s annoyances and irritations, absurd and nonsensical ones that linger for no good reason, and encourages the reader to accept them as lunacy and just have a good laugh. If you’re not able to fix it laugh at it, and if you don’t take life too seriously you’ll feel good: that's what Idiotville is all about.

Recent Praise:

"…Idiotville is a strong pick for humorous fiction collections, recommended." - Jeff Burroughs, The Midwest Book Review

“It had me chuckling on my train ride and getting funny looks from passengers.” - Sassy Peach, Book Blogger

“Imagine every numbskull, dimwit, nincompoop, and shortsighted goofball you've ever met lived in the same town. Welcome to Idiotville.” - Ross Rojek, San Francisco Book Review

Book Information:
Author: Robert Kral
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1468095746
Published: March 2012
Pages: 172

About The Author:

Robert Kral earned a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and a master's in business administration and has authored technical articles in a variety of trade magazines including Electronics Now, Electronic Servicing and Technology, and Design World. He has written press releases, advertising copy, technical and marketing reports, and conducted training seminars and webinars. Tired of the rat race and marketing maggots, enigmatic engineers, production putzes, and catatonic customers, Kral asked himself, “How do you handle frustration in modern America?” He answered, "Laugh at it!” and that's why he wrote Idiotville.

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Robert Kral

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