r_garcia's Lost Sessions Have Been Found

r_garcia releases ten never before heard tracks form the vaults of Polyvibe.

Orlando, FL, July 02, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Polyvibe, an independent label dedicated to the promotion of underground music without limitations in terms of genre – releases R. Garcia’s Lost Sessions (Vol. 1). This album will mark the second in a series of six Garcia has set out to generate in the next six months.

Hailing from Florida’s dance music scene, Randy Garcia made a name for himself as the founder of boutique label Nophi Records, and through his varied and eclectic releases. He recently made the move towards Indie Pop, forming The Nerd Parade whose debut album, A Delicate Bashing, was met with lascivious praise. Riding on this acclaim, Garcia further cements his solo career with the release of six new albums. They will blend his usual electronic dexterities with the slew of new sounds and experiences surrounding him.

Lost Sessions began in 2000 as an attempt to fuse atypical sounds with solid, smart electronica: paying homage to the likes of Ornette Coleman, John Zorn and late Coltrane. This project was unfortunately shelved when Garcia underwent a series of (rather painful) back surgeries. Garcia re-discovered the neglected album in 2007, and re-mastered the tracks with more sonic sensibilities. Lost Sessions is now complete and serves as a rare treat for Garcia fans: a glimpse into the basic primordial elements of the artists’ work.

These sessions were once lost, but they now are re-invented as a series of musical and rhythmic artifacts, forgotten but now dug up from the dirt that covers memory. Eyes on Swole rumbles like a train towards a peaceful, eminent death. In We are All Blind Cavefish what feels like the wail of love-sick robot boys is blended diligently with human voice. Grog takes us to the wood floor where young versions of our grandparents dance in space. These songs feel like raw thoughts we would rather not have. Simultaneously loaded and sparse, Lost Sessions beautifully wobbles around the sound universe.

Lost Sessions (Vol. 1) will be available exclusively through Polyvibe Records.

Mic Mell