Light-Weight Weapon Detection Solutions from Roteck

Roteck is re-launching improved versions of its custom light-weight walk through weapon detectors to meet European needs and more.

Johannesburg, South Africa, February 14, 2013 --( Roteck South Africa has several innovative models of metal detectors, which have been refined to meet market requirements.

There are several model variations to choose from; two are light-weight walk through metal detectors, useful for temporary events or in places where a conventional bulky detector will not be practical. The models are portable and can be operated for long periods off built-in batteries. Both models' framework conveniently allows for the insertion of advertising, promotion or advisory billboards. These units are also available with water-proofing to facilitate any outdoor requirements.

The third model is a break-through design which allows permanent installation of a weapon detector with almost no visual footprint - walking traffic will simply not be aware of its presence, which may be desired in architecturally-rich building designs where a regular walk through detector may prove to be an eye-sore or in other situations where it's preferred to not have a bulky frame in front of an entrance or passageway.

The fourth variation is for detecting dangerous metallic objects in handbags, purses, briefcases or similar items carried by hand. This detector is also portable and operates for many hours off its own battery.

All walk through detectors can be fitted with Roteck's pattern detector, which can add security by identifying tail-gaters or similar system abusers. The pattern detector will sound an alarm or can be configured to lock a turnstile on successful detection of a system abuser.

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Roteck South Africa is a private company that develops, manufactures and markets EMF weapon detectors and other security-related equipment.
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