The Death of Black America Hits Home

Black America is dying out. Despite economic and legal gains, Black Americans now face zero to negative birthrates, abortion rates that are twice that of every other racial group in America, and the break down of the Black American family. This set of circumstances ironically projects a bleak future for a race that appeared so resilient in overcoming American slavery. "The Death of Black America" examines why this demise is happening and whether or not anything can be done to stop it.

Culpeper, VA, August 06, 2007 --( "The Death of Black America," written by Eran Reya, explains the mindset of an enslaved people whose trauma induced survival mechanisms now contribute to its demise. This synthesis of historical and psychological research describes the root causes of the arrested development of the Black male and Black female. It explains the inability of Black males to be men, and the Black female's distrust of Black men. "The Death of Black America" exposes the reasons why Black families are dysfunctional and headed for extinction by dissecting the social, economic, and spiritual problems of Black America.

"The Death of Black America" is as much a call to action as a primer on the psychological effects of American slavery. It offers mental and spiritual solutions to a crisis that threatens the very existence of Black America.
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