DDA Creates an Original Elearning Platform for NAPNAP Featuring Synchronized Media and Interactive Video Quizzes

The National Association of Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) has a long-standing relationship with DDA, who delivered yet another innovative new medical education project for the organization. Upon receiving the built-out eLearning platform, NAPNAP offered an enthusiastic endorsement: “We are very excited to launch!”

Southampton, PA, February 15, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Dynamic Digital Advertising is excited to announce the completion of an innovative new eLearning platform, the NAPNAP Immunization Discussions for Providers. This eLearning program was designed to help nurse practitioners educate patients about the importance of vaccination programs. The online platform features a series of four videos, two of which provide extensive background information on the importance of regular vaccinations and the best practices used to persuade patients to implement immunization schedules for their children, while the other two feature dialogs between a nurse practitioner and a patient, illustrating some of the common challenges faced by clinicians as they try to encourage compliance with officially-recognized immunization guidelines.

Three of the four videos include synchronized media, with PowerPoint slides featuring text, images, and/or hyperlinks to relevant resources times to appear at precise moments during video playback. The first two videos are followed by interactive video question-and-answer segments during which the viewer’s retention of the material communicated in the most recently watched video is tested with a series of multiple choice questions asked by the nurse practitioner on the topics that they discussed during the previous video. After selecting a response, the nurse practitioner then goes on to reveal the correct answer and explain why the others are false. These responses are then recorded in a back-end database hosted by DDA to allow NAPNAP to gauge the success of the medical educational videos and related resources.

The third video features a dialog with a patient who is worried about the potential effects of vaccines (an all too common problem facing clinicians today), and the video helps to demonstrate how such patients can be successfully persuaded to implement immunizations according to the officially recognized guidelines. The fourth and final video shows a dialog between a nurse practitioner and a medical translator and helps to illustrate some of the unique challenges posed to clinicians as they try to encourage compliance with recommended immunization schedules among patients who do not speak English as their primary language and may have health records from other countries. DDA’s professional copywriters worked with the initial client-delivered content and refined into finished scripts for the videos.

All videos were shot in DDA’s studios in front of a green screen, with custom-designed 3D environments, one of a doctor’s office and the other of an exam room, utilized in post-production to capture a realistic feel for each video. The eLearning platform also includes a modern, custom-designed graphical user interface which allows for effortless navigation, and each video includes a bank of resources relevant to the specific topics covered at that section for easy reference at any time. DDA ensured that the design of the platform matched perfectly with the existing NAPNAP website prior to integrating the synchronized media player. The eLearning platform was received warmly by NAPNAP, and is sure to help nurse practitioners increase their background on the topic and sharpen their skills going forward.

DDA Wins the First Annual Tabby Award for the Best Healthcare App of 2012
DDA’s groundbreaking work was confirmed once again with its reception of the first annual Tabby Award for Best Healthcare App of 2012 for the Philips Healthcare XperGuide Mobile Application. This is the first and only worldwide competition for excellence in the development of business applications for iPad, Android, and Windows 8 tablets, and DDA is proud that its pioneering work has been recognized so prominently by the broader community of app developers.

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