Jasper Guide Services Partners with Neon Lites Jigs

Minnetonka, MN, February 16, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Lake Minnetonka fishing expert Dan Jasper of Jasper Services, a leading provider of guided fishing on Lake Minnetonka and educational programs, announced today a partnership with Neon Lites Jigs. The partnership will help promote and encourage the sports of fishing by introducing, educating and providing interactive experiences to children and adults using the glow in the dark jigs. These unique glow in the dark jigs will be highlighted at Fish Camp, Corporate Fishing Events, and Guiding on Lake Minnetonka and other area lakes and rivers during the ice fishing season.

Neon Lites Jigs is a leading provider of glow in the dark fishing jigs. These jigs range in size, color and shape allowing them to be used for all kinds of fishing, both in the Winter time and Summer time. Neon Lites are made with luminous materials which absorb and store light energy from direct sunlight or from an artificial light source then emit this as a bright glow…this bright glow attracts fish and sends them into a “feeding frenzy.” It’s available in five brilliant colors that attract fish day or night…even in stained or muddy water.

Jasper Guide Services is a professional fishing guide service promoting and encouraging fishing and boating though education and interactive experiences for children and adults. Founder Dan Jasper is a resident of Lake Minnetonka, guides on local lakes, competes in area fishing tournaments and works with corporations and non-profit organizations on Corporate Fishing Events.
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