AAS Technology Announce Introduction of New All-In-One Touch Screen IP Camera Service Tester

Fremont, CA, February 16, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Leading CCTV cable solutions experts, AAS Technology has announced that the organization has just made a new addition to their expanding catalogue. The company’s new IP Camera Tester has been designed to provide full diagnostic functionality to IP camera operators in detecting issues within their networks, ensuring quick and effective responses that reduce machine downtime.

One of the clear operational advantages of utilizing the All-in-One Touch Screen Service Tester from the team at AAS Technology is that the product features a full color field display measuring 320 by 240 pixels. This color display field provides operators with an immediate understanding on the issues effecting camera networks and allows teams to optimize the viewing capacity of cameras by reviewing the screen and alternating settings seamlessly through the IP Camera Service Tester.

By combining the camera’s built-in codec for simultaneous video streaming and the pan, tilt and zoom functionality of this leading industry solution, operators can achieve great flexibility within their diagnostic work as they analyze the local network area and adjust the camera’s level of focus to ensure optimal transmission data is received. And users will find that the operationally of the All-in-One Touch Screen Service Tester is completely seamless, as the product features a built-in touch panel keypad that supports effective control at all times of operation.

Quality diagnostic repairs can now be completed on a broad range of camera models thanks to this new addition from the team at AAS Technology. Please contact the AAS Technology team directly to learn more or visit www.aas.com.tw to review the company’s full product range.
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