PW Trenchless Introduce New Carbon Protocol on Website

BC, Canada, February 16, 2013 --( Industry specialist for trenchless construction solutions, PW Trenchless has announced that the company is offering a new client tool directly on their website. The new carbon protocol is a part of the organization’s commitment to taking an environmental approach to their construction projects. It allows clients to capitalize on the emissions they save through their trenchless programs and create carbon credits to offset against their day to day (scope 1) emissions.

The Carbon Protocol follows the Trenchless Carbon Calculator that PW Trenchless first developed in 2007. The further development of a more robust carbon calculator has now been taken on by the North American wide NASTT and is about to be relaunched at their No Dig conference at Sacramento this April

Trenchless methods for pipe replacement can reduce carbon emissions by up to 78-90%. To provide a tool that highlights those savings for clients, the team at PW Trenchless along with members of the NAST-BC have developed their ISO compliant carbon protocol. One of the great advantages of the protocol is that it’s exceptionally easy-to-use. Clients simply need to enter a project description and provide precise details in regards to surface conditions as well length and depth of backfill that will be required and the size of pipe they will be using. Additional details such as traffic flow, distance from project to sites and fuel efficiency of equipment will also be considered within the calculation.

The protocol is a highly valuable tool because it calculates the carbon savings for each method of construction and then details those carbon savings for each of their trenchless construction project. Considering that various US states and Canadian provinces have or will soon mandate carbon neutrality this allows internal carbon credits to be used rather than external credit purchases. In this day of tight budgets the use of tight government funding to purchase external carbon credits is not a politically appealing thought.

To learn more about the carbon protocol offered by PW Trenchless Construction, please visit their website directly at
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