Polar Launches New Range of Thermal Pallet Cover Systems

A range of thermal pallet cover systems is launched following extensive testing to protect pharmaceutical and perishable cargo.

Warminster, United Kingdom, August 03, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Polar Thermal Products Ltd., the leading provider of thermal protection products to the cold chain distribution market has announced the launch of the company's proven thermal pallet cover range. Designed and manufactured by Polar, a subsidiary of the Aerotrim Group, the thermal pallet cover protects pharmaceutical and perishable cargo during transportation by stabilising the cargo temperature and shielding it from extreme weather and temperature fluctuation, including rain and sunlight damage.

The thermal pallet covers are part of Polar range; a family of specialised air and land transportation products designed to provide cold chain integrity, and can be custom manufactured to be used in with a variety of pallet sizes. The system, mainly constructed from Polartherm, an inner reflective layer complete with a hollow fill fibre filler and a robust woven PVC outer (optionally fireproof), is available in various configurations to suit various cargo.

This durable system has been utilized by DHL, one of the world’s largest logistics specialists for nearly six years without loss of either cover units or cargo. “Return on investment for the Polar pallet cover system is unsurpassed,” says Peter Lockett, global manager for thermal products. “We even have leasing and rental options available which is unknown for this type of product”.

Options include a straight forward pallet cover which is placed over a normal pallet of cargo and sealed in place using a simple Velcro® system. The excellent thermal properties of the Polartherm covers are unrivaled, as is the quality of manufacturing, making the covers extremely efficient and cost effective. Temperature gain tested in extreme conditions was a mere 0.6º Celsius per hour.

A thermal pallet option, constructed with a polystyrene core and heavy duty impact resistant shell enables the cargo to be sealed in a closed temperature controlled unit. This option, launched as ‘Tranzcube’ prevents temperature loss or gain normally associated through an open wooden pallet.

The MultiStack option has the double benefit of being ‘variable height’ as well as providing the opportunity to have a sealed thermal pallet unit if there is no option but to use existing wooden or plastic pallets.

The ‘MultiStack’ comprises of three parts: a thermal base which sits directly onto the normal pallet, a thermal top which fits on top of the cargo once loaded onto the base and finally a thermal blanket which is wrapped around the outer sides of the cargo unit.

A simple Velcro® system allows easy use of the system as well as allowing variable height of the pallet load. When not in use, covers can be folded easily for storage and/or return.

The Polar thermal pallet cover systems are extremely easy to use, allowing the covers to be fitted in minutes on a wide range of different sized and shaped cargo. Covers also shield from dust, debris, and liquids during transportation and, because the cargo is not visible, theft is also reduced.

A support system provided by Polar allows covers to be returned for cleaning and refurbishment.

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