Two Free Self-Help E-Books on Amazon Now

Mauro Neaus is the sole writer of Self-Help books and plans on to continue to bring great quality self-help books to all readers in need. And now he is offering two for free.

Conyngham, PA, February 19, 2013 --( Bringing yet another group of free e-books to all those in need, How To Be Stress Free and Spirit (The Science of Spirituality book 3: Sacred Geometry) Make sure you pick up a copy, free promotion runs until Wednesday.

21-year-old Mauro Neaus has been writing Self-Help/Motivational/Inspiring/Philosophical books since January and has 5 titles with a total of over 1,000 downloads world-wide.

Started with the Spirit Series on January 28th, now 3 books into the 11 book series; Mauro too Spirituality and explained it in an easy and engaging way with logic, reasoning and logic. To quote author Gershon Ben Franja:

"The author takes Napoleon Hill's theories of the connectivity of minds in 'The Law of Success' and Norman Vincent Peale in 'The Power of Positive Thinking' and combines them into a terrific outline to improve your life.

"I highlighted many passages that could become a daily devotional for one who wants to increase connectivity and positivity in their life.

"Grab a copy of this book and you will learn the secret to achieving your impossible dream."
Mauro Neaus