Mobile Gambling on the Increase in Britain

An increasing number of mobile gamblers start to eliminate “downtime” by taking to their mobiles when they can't get to their computer.

Newbury, United Kingdom, August 03, 2007 --( On-Line gaming continues to grow in the UK market with more and more people visiting on-line casino's and gaming sites to try to win the large jackpots that are available. Manchester may not get its super casino but the super casinos on the internet continue to attract more and more users, all of whom want to take advantage of the relaxed, all day opening hours and the convenience of being able to play whenever they have access to a computer. The only missing link appears to be the how do you play when that computer keyboard is missing? That's where the next, supposedly explosive, area of mobile gambling comes in.

Juniper Research forecasts that in 2009 total revenues from Mobile Gambling, Mobile Casinos and Mobile Lotteries will reach $19.3bn dollars but most on-line gambling sites are ignoring this market because of the rich pickings which are still to be had in the traditional on-line gaming space. According to Leon de Beer, a director at Opiah, “The continued rapid expansion of the on-line gaming market keeps proving how much the public enjoys this past-time but for most on-line gaming companies allowing their customers to play these games on their mobile phone continues to be an afterthought."

Opiah's new website is trying to change all this by offering:

- High quality Games
- Games which can be played on your mobile as well as on-line
- Games can be downloaded and tried out for free

As a quirky aside, TrovePlay is trying to "protect the rights of your mobile phone" by offering a totally free deck chair for your mobile for all visitors to the website.

Opiah Systems Ltd
Leon de Beer