Launch of Free Android App: 10 Steps to Lucid Dreams

Auckland, New Zealand, February 20, 2013 --( The hit website, World of Lucid Dreaming, has launched a free tutorial-based Android application, 10 Steps to Lucid Dreams.

Written by an expert in lucid dreaming, the app creates a structured lesson plan for "waking up" in your dreams, starting with improving your nightly dream recall.

"This is the first step to having lucid dreams," says Rebecca Turner, author of the app and creator of the popular website,

"Dream recall is where you begin - after that, it can get kind of trippy, with reality checks, visualizations, techniques for walking your mind directly into the dream state, and even triggering out-of-body experiences and astral travel. These are all powerful but internally-generated extensions of the lucid dream experience."

The 10 tutorials are accessible to all ages and levels of experience, with one exception - Step #7: Dream Herbs. "On day 7, I bust some myths on the most popular dream-enhancing herbs. This step is totally optional - and if you're under 18, you should consult your parents first. Certain supplements can have powerful effects on your dreams and users take them at their own risk!"

So what's the most powerful step? "It's unrealistic to identify any single step as working in isolation," Rebecca explains, "but combine these tried-and-tested techniques, and I'm confident many people will have a lucid dream during the course."

Android users can download the app for free at the Google Play Store:

About Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is the ability to become conscious (self-aware) within the dream state. It is a scientifically proven sleep state that has been recently popularized by sci-fi movies and new sleep mask and app technologies. Today there are millions of lucid dreamers in the world and millions more who seek to "wake up" in their dreams...

The result? An amazing virtual reality world, where everything looks and feels as vivid as waking life. And yet, the laws of physics do not apply: anything is possible. "This state of heightened awareness tells us a lot about human perception," Rebecca says, "and just how powerful the human brain really is."

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