First-in-the-World 3D Pewter Yoga Keychains for Sale

A first-in-the-world and novel 3D Pewter Yoga Keychains designed exclusively for yogis, yoginis and premium gift collectors.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, February 21, 2013 --( has released four unique 3D Pewter Yoga Keychains. Each of the four keychains feature an impressive asana or yoga pose, bordered by a distinct shape. They are the Pigeon Pose (half-oval), Dancer’s Pose (rectangle), Scorpion Pose (oval) and Wheel Pose (triangle).

All the keychains are perfectly sculptured and meticulously hand-polished, resulting in the finest, timeless and most durable pewter yoga collection. In addition, every yoga keychain comes in its own gift box, making it easy for one to present them to his or her family members, friends and colleagues as gifts.

When asked about the quality of the keychains, SunnyOm’s owner, Peter Kua, remarks:

"One can expect all our pewter pieces to be made up of at least 92% tin, which is the fourth most expensive metal behind platinum, gold and silver. The rest are antimony and copper which are used to make the pewter hard. More importantly, there is absolutely no health risk associated with our pewter keychains because they do not contain any hazardous metals such as lead."

So, how three-dimensional are the 3D pewter yoga keychains? Each design comprises multiple layers that give the entire keychain a 3D effect, thus bringing the yoga pose to life! Every keychain has the following dimensions: 45mm (height) x 34mm (width) x 3mm (thickness).

To purchase any of the 3D Pewter Yoga Keychains, visit SunnyOm’s website at
Peter Kua