A Remarkable Dental Equipment Industrial Design "Composite Applicator," Releasing the Dentists and Make a Better Patient Experience

Inventionland Design showcases their latest invention, Dental Composite Applicator, an inspiring dental industrial design which will help dentists work faster and easier in precision placement of composite material into tooth cavity during the dental restorative procedure and make a better patient experience.

Pittsburgh, PA, February 25, 2013 --(PR.com)-- No more dental syringe gun, Automatic compule heating, precise composite placement, these are the new features of the revolutionary industrial design, composite applicator™ presented by Inventionland Design.

Inventionland Design is a famous Industrial Design company, specializing in Industrial, Product Design and Development, with extensive experiences in Medical Equipment, Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances Design.

In the past, clinic practitioners were required to heat up the compule to warm the composite, to prime a syringe gun with the compule, then to work hard on extruding the composite into the tooth cavity with limited precision in a restorative procedure. Now, all these complicated process will be no more. Applicator can warm, extrude, place the composite within one simple step. It greatly alleviates the workload of dentists and makes them concentrate on their operations and reduces the procedure time that the patients shall suffer.

The composite applicator is dental equipment for extrusion of warm composites, which will help dentists work faster in precision placement of composite material to tooth cavity during restorative procedure. Composite Applicator, with precise delivery tip design, allows optimal visualization of working area and provides deep access into the mouth.

This design requires a handle piece to put into the patients’ mouth, it must be as small and handy as possible to reduce the time of operation and make a better patient experience. The ergonomic design on handle piece made that possible.

On the Base part of Applicator, multiple compules can be heated to a pre-selected temperature and then to be put on to engage for extrusion on handle-piece.

The idea was originated from an American Dental Equipment manufacturer, Vista Dental, who has been working closely with Inventionland Design for two years as a collaborative research project.

The Inventionland Design applicator project manager Kenny said that Applicator project had undergone three different phases during the R&D. Each one has relative objectives and shall make prototypes to test the viability of the design. After each phase had finished, prototypes were sent to the America dental clinic for trial to find any potential problems. Feedbacks were collected to make new objectives for new phases.

It takes ten months for a woman to conceive a baby, after two years of laboring, this project was given birth.

The response of the market is encouraging and impressive. Vista Dental said that they were confident about Applicator project and would bring it to Chicago Midwinter Dental Show.

Inventionland Design
Kenny Yuan