Prepare Yourself for the Invasion with the Zombies: Run or Kill Game for Android

This is one addictive game that can turn you into a real zombie terminator – try staying in the game as long as possible and fulfilling numerous demanding missions.

Nis, Serbia and Montenegro, February 21, 2013 --( By playing "Zombies: Run or Kill" game you fight for survival against endless waves of walkers. These zombies were made as really annoying and stubborn creatures, fighting hard and making you not let go of your phone for hours, until you destroy them all. The game was made in the Unity Game Engine.

Game-play may seem simple– zombies come from all over the place and you should try to endure as long as possible not to be killed – but it’s harder than it looks. There are different weapons from which you can choose, such as gun, riffle, chainsaw, light saber and machine gun. In order for the zombie hordes to be destroyed, you should play the game wisely. With every zombie killed, you upgrade your weapons and get new missions to fulfill.

This is a relatively fresh game on the Android market, and the version for iOS is expected anytime soon. The game is new, but it already has a lot of fans and more than 300,000 downloads on the Google play market. Plus, there is a version of this game on the Amazon market, for Kindle devices. And this is what people who've played this game said. "This kind of quality is hard to find in games and it being free makes it now my favorite and most played game on my phone," said Trinity Carter, who is only one of the satisfied users of this game.
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