HourBlast Games Launches Dueling Blades with "Live" Battle Across Multiple Platforms

Los Angeles, CA, February 21, 2013 --(PR.com)-- HourBlast Games, an innovative developer of cross platform action strategy games, is pleased to announce Dueling Blades version 1.3 across iOS, Android, Facebook and Kongregate platforms. Dueling Blades demonstrates a leap forward for competitive social games, enabling live combat against other players.

Featuring 3D characters with 7 player classes, over 50 different armor sets and customizable battle skills, Dueling Blades is a unique blend of action and strategy with full control over positioning and skill use on a 3D battlefield. Set in the once green and prosperous land of Apollon. The people suffer under the rule of the corrupt and oppressive King Mowbray, whose evil is spread across the land. The player is thrust into the midst of a rebellion and must help build forces, grow their skill in combat and defeat Bandits, Undead, Imperial soldiers and Pirates.

Using a combat mechanic called “Simultaneous Turn Strategy” or STS, Dueling Blades allows live battle against other players without being hampered by slow connection speeds found on mobile networks. Players across different platforms will be able to battle each whether they are home on social platforms or away on mobile.

“We set out to make something different with Dueling Blades. As serious gamers ourselves’ we wanted to bring that strategic spirit and action excitement that we’ve come to enjoy from big screen gaming. We wanted to make a game that pushes the social experience by bringing a live element as opposed to offline battles that are common in this game space,” said Larry Li, Creative Director for Dueling Blades.

“I think we can look back and be proud of what we’ve accomplished with Dueling Blades. It was a huge undertaking to develop a platform that would be capable of handling the different interconnected devices and platforms. We wanted to eliminate the barriers between hardware, location, internet speed and device. We’ve done something that nobody else is doing with this level game of complexity,” said Joseph Cooper, Lead Programmer at HourBlast Games. To play Dueling Blades visit: www.duelingblades.com. To learn more about HourBlast Games, visit www.hourblastgames.com.

Key Features:

- Cinematic Real-time Action
- 3D characters and environments
- Fully Customizable characters with over 50 armor sets and 30 weapons
- Live strategic combat against real players
- 7 Player Classes including Ninja, Samurai and Knight
- Battle in single player against Pirates, Bandits and even the Undead.

About HourBlast Games Founded in 2011, HourBlast Games is an independent game developer focused on delivering interconnected “Core” games to mobile and social platforms. Dueling Blades is their first title under the HourBlast Games banner, but individually the team has shipped over a dozen titles on console and PC. The Company is based in Los Angeles and is currently backed by private investors. For more information, please visit www.hourblastgames.com and www.duelingblades.com.
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