Profits Soar for Field Service Companies via New Generation Mobile Field Management Solution

Digital Dispatcher has introduced a new generation multi- tool mobile field management system that enhances efficiency for field service and delivery businesses, enabling them to cut costs, improve customer service and grow profits.

Jenkintown, PA, February 22, 2013 --( For field service companies looking to improve profits quickly and easily with minimal cost, the Digital Dispatcher mobile workforce management solution combines the 7 essential tools such as fleet tracking, inventory tracking, point of sale, route optimization and more on a simple easy to use app for a smart phone or tablet computer. This new solution also includes an amazing Dispatch Management Board software solution specifically designed for product delivery (Propane, Liquid Fuels), field service (HVAC, cable, plumbing, and service) & Fleet Fueling.

"Our latest mobile field management system was developed to enhance operational/office efficiency, cut costs, improve customer service, and grow profits for you. The tool is designed for field delivery/service and can accommodate businesses of any size," said the spokesperson from Digital Dispatcher. He stressed that the Digital Dispatcher Delivery and Service System is deployable in days, rather than weeks, and is less costly since it no longer relies on a hardware intensive solution.

The new field management software is a blend of multiple technology tools like Point of Sale Invoicing, Fleet Tracking, Dispatching Dashboard, Inventory tracking, Route Optimization Solution, and Management Dashboard. Digital Dispatcher Delivery provides real-time access and information via any cellular network latest ruggedized, waterproof Android platforms.

The new software uses advanced Mapping Route Optimization to build optimal routes quickly and automatically transmits them wirelessly to the driver's tablet or smart phone, equipping him with turn by turn directions.

According to the reports from Digital's staff, the portable handheld computer interfaces wirelessly with onboard or mobile printers, meters, registers for loading, capturing, saving as well as transmitting mission critical data regarding the vehicle's activity and status. "The collected information is transmitted wirelessly to the office for electronic review & processing that, in turn, eliminates unprofitable clerical work. Valuable management and operational reports could be generated here to measure and drive productivity," he said.

Businesses report increased profits of $10,000 to $40,000 per field asset from Digital Dispatcher. They also comment that it provides their staff with increased personnel and inventory control and a huge time savings. "You are assured of 24 percent reduction in response time that leads to a better client experience from your company", the manager added further.

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