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London, United Kingdom, February 22, 2013 --( TestDiagnostics, leading online supplier of accredited home sample tests in the UK introduces a simple and reliable Food Allergy Test. The Fast Check POC test is a revolutionary diagnostic test developed by leading experts that tests for 12 nutrition allergens.


Food allergies are caused when the immune system reacts unconventionally to a specific food type which results in allergic reactions. The most common symptoms of food allergies are itching sensations in the throat, mouth or ears, rashes known as hives or swelling on the face or around the eyes, lips or tongue and can cause simultaneous reactions in different parts of the body.

These reactions can be mild however sometimes tend to be rather serious. Some result in immediate symptoms whereas other take much longer to develop. The most common type of food allergy is the IgE-mediated allergy which develops very quickly and may result in a number of symptoms such as rashes, swelling of the face, dizziness, coughing or redness of the eyes etc. Non IgE-mediated allergies tend to be less common and symptoms develop over a much longer time frame. Symptoms of this type of allergic reaction include redness and itching of the skin, red itchy, dry and cracked skin but can also result in heartburn, constipation, blood in stools, redness around the anus, rectum and genitals or loose stools. Mixed reactions have also been noted in children with milk allergies where IgE and no IgE symptoms may occur.

The most serious symptom is called Anaphylaxis which usually develops within a few minutes to an hour after exposure to the allergen. Anaphylaxis can cause serious medical conditions such as rapid heartbeat, breathing difficulties, sharp and sudden drop in blood pressure or unconsciousness. The symptoms are often similar to those above but have life threatening consequences. Medical attention should be sought immediately if you or someone you know is experiencing Anaphylaxis.


Food allergies are caused due to the immune system treating proteins as a threat and releasing chemicals to combat what it perceives to be an infection. These chemicals cause the symptoms of an allergic reaction. Most foods can cause allergic reactions however certain foods have been shown to trigger allergies. In adults, the most common food allergies are to fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish and shellfish while in children they tend to be caused by allergic reactions to milk, eggs, nuts, fish and shellfish. Nut allergies are common in both adults and children.

As there is no cure for food allergies, the best way to combat them is to identify the type of food causing the allergic reaction and remove this from your diet. Medications such as antihistamines can also prove effective in alleviating allergic reactions. The Fast Check POC Food Allergy test from TestDiagnostics provides an affordable and convenient home test for the 12 most common food allergens including nuts, peanuts, vegetables, eggs, milk, flour (wheat and rye), fish mix, meat mix and shrimp.

The Fast Check POC Food Allergy test is laboratory processed and is simple to use. All you need to do is follow the instructions by providing a blood sample using the lancet provided in diagnostic kit. Once completed the sample can be posted to the laboratory for processing and analysis.

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