Eccentric Composer Produces Animated Machinima Opera via Internet

Eccentric composer Sabrina Pena Young produces cutting edge opera via the Internet. Using digital communications, Young has produced an animated sci-fi opera that involves cast members which only communicate online and a film crew that has never met in person. Libertaria: The Virtual Opera is a cutting edge machinima opera for the digital generation.

Buffalo, NY, February 22, 2013 --( Eccentric composer Sabrina Peña Young wanted to create an opera - without leaving her apartment. So she rounded up an international cast and crew using crowdsourcing, Music Xray, and social networks to create a cutting edge, and slightly psychotic, animated opera.

"I wanted to create an opera that didn't require a concert hall, an opera that would reach out to a digital generation through social networking and online media. And to be honest, I wanted to create a nutty sci-fi opera about a renegade girl who defeats evil geneticists. I'm a nerd at heart."

After two years in production, Libertaria: The Virtual Opera will wrap up summer of 2013. The dedicated opera cast has never met in person for rehearsals and contacts Young entirely through e-mail and Skype. The small animation team uses machinima, an animation style popularized by gamer fan videos.

Libertaria: The Virtual Opera will premier online and in festivals simultaneously in the United States and abroad in October 2013, with a world premier in South Florida.

Sabrina Peña Young, a music tech expert and obsessive sci-fi fan, hopes that Libertaria: The Virtual Opera exposes younger generations to the exciting world of opera.

"Before YouTube and Twitter, opera was the creative outlet for protest and social change. Opera is hip. Opera is now."
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