USPTO Granted 24 DNA a Provisional Patent for Their "Standard Model of 24 Human DNA Sequence and 24 Two Blood Types" Invention

“Any 2 Blood Types result is an expression of a person’s DNA and vice versa. Our invention upgrades the current obsolete 1 Blood Type, Blood Transfusion, and Blood Science industries,” says 24 DNA Scientist Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

Sacramento, CA, February 22, 2013 --( 24 DNA, a privately held company in Sacramento, California has invented a new technology called “24 DNA-2 Blood Types Kit” which results created the “Standard Model of 24 Human DNA Sequence and 24 Two Blood Types.” The Kit test a person’s 2 Blood Types, Rh Factors, Secretor and Non-secretor status, genetic gender and master DNA Sequence. From their master DNA sequence, people can discover their genetic pre-dispositions whether it’s finding a career or job, pursuing an education, diseases preventions, personality, spouse, diet and much more.

Mr. Afamasaga said, “We are currently raising funds for the ‘24 DNA-2 Blood Types Kit’ through Crowd Funding at to manufacture and produce it. This has never been done before. But we believed that ordinary people will do extraordinary things when they see the benefit and value for themselves and family.”

“For example, if you have set a New Years’ resolution for finding a job, why not discover your success genetic or DNA pre-dispositions skills and talents? How about a resolution for losing weight? Why not discover your success DNA pre-disposition Diet where you eat all you want and still lose weight? How about discovering who you were born to be or become by knowing your genetic personality? What about if you are looking for a spouse or mate? Why not discover you DNA or genetic spouse? If you know your 1 Blood Type, you can still pre-test all the above claims but it will be 12.5 percent accurate as there are 8 types of Blood Types of each kind; A, B, and H or 0,” says Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

Mr. Afamasaga said, “Our patented ‘Standard Model of 24 Human DNA Sequence and 24 Two Blood Types’ will quantum leap current researches in Hematology, Blood and Blood Transfusion Science which are based on a 1901 outdated science. Never has such an affordable, easy to use and at the convenience of your home technology available that empower people to take responsibility for their lives until now. All they have to do is donate funds at www. to make this technology a reality for themselves and the human race.”
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