Laser Reproductions Adds New Stereolithography Machine and Resin

Columbus, OH, February 23, 2013 --( Laser Reproductions recently enhanced their prototype output capacity by adding a 19th stereolithography machine. The new machine is a 3D Systems iPro™ 8000 which is a high-productivity, mid-range system. Parts from this 3D printing machine have superb edge definition and are extraordinarily smooth. The tolerances rival the accuracy of CNC-machined parts. The iPro™ 8000 will allow Laser Reproductions to produce plastic parts with a maximum non-sectioned part size of 25 x 29 x 20 inches.

Laser Reproductions enhanced their material selection as well by choosing Accura® Bluestone™ as the resin for the new iPro™ 8000 machine. Accura® Bluestone™ is great for parts that are extremely rigid and need to be thermally resistant. Parts from this resin have excellent accuracy, a non-settling formulation, and exceptional stiffness. Bluestone™ prototypes will resist deformation and retain their properties overtime.

Paul Bordner, Laser Reproductions’ President, shared a few words on the logic behind purchasing the new machine. “In order to live out our mission and vision, we needed to bring on more equipment to support our growing stereolithography service. With the smaller printers hitting the market, it seems the demand for larger parts and larger overall projects has grown. In order to make sure we have the necessary capacity to please our clients, we needed to get a larger piece of equipment. The new iPro™ 8000 now allows us to build larger parts with slightly better sidewall quality. With the new 3D printing machine and the Bluestone™ material, we now have a competitive advantage in various markets, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries.”

Follow the link below for further material specs.

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