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Denver, CO, February 23, 2013 --( Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment LLC introduces the PRO 990 PLUS RA TC Tire Changer to their product line. PRO 990 PLUS RA TC Tire Changer is a fully-equipped tilt back column model that includes a bead blaster.

The inner components of this tire changer machine are superior grade.

The PRO 990 PLUS RA TC Tire Changer includes 5,500 lb bead breaking force; High-powered bead blaster; Plastic turntable clamp protectors (set of 4); 2 piece replacement inserts for duckheads (set of 3); Plastic protector for bead breaker; and Tire Bead assist tools (4 pieces).

Tire changer features include bead breakers manufactured with polished and anti-corrosive stainless steel cylinders resistant to water and moisture. Cylinder pistons are equipped with multiple seals which allow for a powerful force during bead breakdown.

PRO 928 Plus TC Tire Changer Foot pedal assemblies are made of steel, reducing the chance of pedals breaking. Mounted on the foot pedal assembly is the reversing switch which controls the forward and reverse rotation of the electric turntable. It is made with silver contacts and is rated at 40 amps, more than twice the needed amperage. The PRO 928 Plus TC tire changer is built to withstand the demand of today's larger tires.

PRO series electric motors are copper wound, capable of handling larger wheels encountered in today's world. Transmissions are built with heat-treated steel and aluminum cases, with high-quality material for the worm gear, main gear, and shaft to transfer ample power to the turntable. View photos on their website of run out being measured both circular and on the level plane, validating how tight and true the turntable rotates, and without vibration. With the PRO series tire machine there is no loud vibration as one might hear in inferior tire machines when removing a tire.

Valving for the bead blaster is made of steel. The air system lines are routed and wire is tied neatly.

PRO series turntables are made extra-thick to prevent table distorting. Turntable clamps are made of polished, durable steel, capable of clamping the wheel properly and correctly. The brackets the turntable clamps mount on slide easily and precisely due to their large and durable design.

Under turntable cylinder assemblies provide the power needed to grip larger wheels. They are also built with anti-corrosive water resistant materials necessary for smooth and trouble-free operation.

Engineered for years of service, the construction of these high quality tire changers is capable of breaking down the toughest tires.

PRO 990 PLUS RA TC Tire Changer Features:

Pneumatic back tilting column, hexangular shift and horizontal arm can be locked pneumatically at the same time.

Larger and thicker turntable, dismounting 11-24" rim and max tire diameter 40".

Taller vertical post, dismounting max tire width 13".

Universal Reversing Switch, 40A silver contact, more reliable and durable.

The hexangular shaft is made of high quality steel which won't distort on today's larger low profile tires.

Foot pedal assembly is made of high quality steel for trouble free operation

Turntable Clamp is made of fine alloy steel, solid and durable.

2 air jet ports in each of 4 turntable clamps for super blast bead blaster

Dismounting head is made of steel and is equipped with bead pressing wheel (can be engaged or parked) for tough side walls

Equipped with right aid arm, 3 pressing positions and tire support plate.

Powerful stainless steel anti-corrosive bead breaking cylinder with 5500 lbs. force

110 volt copper wound motor for turntable

Bead Blaster enables quick tire inflation on all types of tires.

*Includes 1 year limited warranty.

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