Blender Defender – Fruit Slicer – New Tower Defense Game by Webelinx for All the Fans of Fruit Games

Completely New Type of Tower Defense Games – Unique Experience of Defending the “Tower”; More Fun for All Users!

Nis, Serbia and Montenegro, February 24, 2013 --( Webelinx has launched a new tower defense game, introducing a totally new way of defending the “tower”. This kind of gameplay has never been seen before, it is completely unique, extremely fun and addictive to the core! This game is available to the users of Android tablets and smartphones, as well as to the users of iPhone and iPad devices.

“Blender Defender – Fruit Slicer” is innovative tower defense in which users have to defend their blender from the attacks of angry fruits. There are all types of fruits that, revolted by being turned into fruit juices for many centuries, now want to destroy all the blenders in the world! Apples, grapes, lemons, oranges, bananas, cherries, tomatoes, watermelons and nuts are using all kinds of superpowers, trying to break the glass and demolish the blender. In order to save their blender, users have to throw the fruits into blender and make tasty juice. This is done by circling around the fruit with the fingertip, which will create a bubble around the fruit, and then throwing the bubble into the blender by swiping towards it. Users can upgrade their blender and activate all sorts of superpowers which will allow them to place more fruits into the bubble, have more active bubbles at the same time, increase the blender's health and so one. There are three cities that need to be saved from the invasion: Cabo San Lucas, Honolulu and Miami. When users save these cities from attacks, a new endless mode will be unlocked. In Survivor mode users have to resist the attacks for 100 levels, and then they need to confront the Melon King. Through the entire game the fruits pass through different stages of evolution so users will have to deal with fruit soldiers, fruit pirates and fruit zombies.

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