Inventors’ New Tool Pulls Out All Nails – Even in Corners or Backwards

A new nail removal tool called the Kwick Gripper, created by father and son inventors Eric and Ben Eby, completely removes any type of nail, screw or staple, even broken or backwards.

Gay Mills, WI, February 24, 2013 --( In 2003, Ben Eby and his father, Eric Eby, were taking apart a deck, a project that proved to be much more significant than either would have guessed. They ran into several problems that plague every carpenter – heads popping off the nails holding the deck together, and other nails buried deep into the wood by nail guns years ago.

Wanting to salvage the wood and re-use it, the Ebys knew pounding the nails over was not an option; they needed to be removed. After being unable to find a nail remover on the market that was up to the job, the pair started developing their own.

The father-son duo scraped together every cent they could find for development. Early prototypes of the nail puller began to look very promising, not only removing headless and broken nails, but grabbing the pointed end and pulling the head right through.

The design, then called the “Anailator,” was granted not one but three patents. In early 2005, Ben used money from a deployment to Iraq to purchase a CNC tool and die shop in Soldiers Grove, WI to refine and develop the design under the E.B. Tool Company name as the Kwick Gripper. After eight years of testing and refinement, it’s finally ready.

The Kwick Gripper works by turning the pulling force applied to the handle as gripping force on whatever the user is trying to remove. It also has a “rolling fulcrum” design to provide extra leverage. The combination of the two lets the Kwick Gripper remove fasteners almost nothing else can. In addition to these features, the Kwick Gripper has wide jaws that allow nail, screw, and staple removal right up against a corner – a useful feature when taking out flooring or refurbishing walls. It doesn’t even matter how long the nail is, as the Kwick Gripper can index down and take a second bite.

"I have no idea why this wasn't invented sooner,” said Jason Daily, Owner of Deck ReDo, LLC. “The Kwick Gripper can remove staples, nails, and screws with amazing ease.” Chris Aronson, Owner of C&N Farms LLC, agreed, saying, “I simply can’t believe how much grip and leverage it has.”

Ben and his father are currently offering the opportunity to pre-order the Kwick Gripper nail remover tool for a special discounted rate on the E.B. Tool Company website.

The company is using GoFundMe to finance the Kwick Gripper’s marketing efforts. GoFundMe is an online fundraising service that allows individuals to create a personal donation website for business start-ups, life events, and more.

More information about the Kwick Gripper nail puller can be found at,, or by contacting E.B. Tool Company at or 608-630-5611.

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