E.B. Tool Company Warns Homeowners of the Signs of Termites

Midwest-based E.B. Tool Company offers seasonal handyman tips to protect structures against destructive pests. - April 05, 2015

E.B. Tool Company Suggests a Nontraditional Date at the Workshop

Midwest-based carpentry tool company offers perfect Valentine’s Day date and gift ideas. - February 14, 2015

Winterize Woodworking Tools with Tips from E.B. Tool Company

Midwest-based E.B. Tool Company offers tips for winterizing tools for home improvement. - January 04, 2015

E.B. Tool Company Advises on Safe Wood Burning Practices

Midwest-based tool company provides handyman tips for preparing and burning old wood safely. - October 30, 2014

E.B. Tool Company’s KwickGripper Enjoys High Growth Since Its May 2013 Launch

The KwickGripper from E.B. Tool Company is quickly becoming a tool box essential and gaining recognition from well known sources. - October 02, 2014

E.B. Tool Company Helps the Family Handy Man Complete Projects Without a Woodworking Shop

E.B. Tool Company encourages the DIY handyman or woodworker to pursue their projects even in small spaces. - July 25, 2014

E.B. Tool Company Offers an Affiliate Program for Builders and Enthusiasts

Midwest-based E.B. Tool Company offers a generous affiliate marketing opportunity to bloggers and brand advocates interested in tools for home improvement. - June 29, 2014

E.B. Tool Company Helps the DIY Handyman Safely Reclaim Wood

E.B. Tool Company warns the household handyman and the professional carpenter of the dangers involved in using reclaimed wood. - June 04, 2014

E.B. Tool Company Encourages the Family Handyman to Conduct a Thorough Spring Cleaning

E.B. Tool Company helps amateur builders prep for DIY projects with handyman tips for spring cleaning. - April 24, 2014

E.B. Tool Company Helps Both the Expert and the Home Handyman Save Wood

E.B. Tool Company, a Midwest-based carpentry tool company, offers tips for saving wood with the innovative KwickGripper. - April 02, 2014

E.B. Tool Company Gives Insight Into the Best Places to Find Reclaimed Wood

Midwest-based carpentry tool company provides handyman tips for finding and recycling reclaimed wood. - January 01, 2014

E.B. Tool Company Offers Affiliate Program to Motivated Builders

Midwest-based E.B. Tool Company provides tools carpenters need and an affiliate program that pays dividends to KwickGripper fans. - October 27, 2013

E.B. Tool Company Warns Builders of Heat Risks and Other Dangers

E.B. Tool Company urges building contractors and the DIY handyman to consider the risks associated with construction or home improvement projects, including heat related risks of summer temperatures. - September 01, 2013

E.B. Tool Company Advises Watching Out for Rogue Nails When Repairing Your Home

The Kwick Gripper nail remover makes removing rogue nails during home repair projects quick and easy, ultimately keeping the workspace safe. - August 17, 2013

E.B. Tool Company Presents Blog Series on Safe Nail Removal in Home Projects

E.B. Tool Company, maker of the Kwick Gripper nail remover, will be publishing a series of blog posts highlighting ways in which the Kwick Gripper can safely remove nails and other objects from wood. - July 28, 2013

E.B. Tool Company Works to be Environmentally Conscious Through Reuse, Recycling, and Renewable Practices

By helping to conserve wood use, the Kwick Gripper nail remover helps reduce the impact of woodworking projects on the environment. - June 29, 2013

E.B. Tool Company Warns Do-It-Yourselfers About the Dangers of Nail Removal

E.B. Tool Company has released a blog post that shows how the Kwick Gripper nail remover can improve worksite safety in various ways. - June 14, 2013

E.B. Tool Company Has Launched the Kwick Gripper Nail Puller Tool

E.B. Tool Company has launched their impressive new tool, the Kwick Gripper nail puller. - June 01, 2013

E.B. Tool Company's Kwick Gripper to be Available for Father's Day

The Kwick Gripper nail removal tool makes a great gift and will be available for Father’s Day. - May 17, 2013

E.B. Tool Provides Project Ideas and the Right Tools to Reuse Old Wood Pallets

The Kwick Gripper is the right tool for removing nails when looking to turn old wood pallets into something creative and new. - April 27, 2013

E.B. Tool Supports Green Construction and Sustainable Building with New Blog Series and Kwick Gripper Nail Removal Tool

The Kwick Gripper nail removal tool, made by the E.B. Tool Company, helps builders and woodworkers save time and money while reducing environmental impact by salvaging old wood. - April 06, 2013

Winona State University Helps Entrepreneur "Hold on Tight" to Kwick Gripper Dream

Winona State University played a key role in helping E.B. Tool Company develop their innovative new tool, the Kwick Gripper nail remover. - March 29, 2013

Inventors’ New Tool Pulls Out All Nails – Even in Corners or Backwards

A new nail removal tool called the Kwick Gripper, created by father and son inventors Eric and Ben Eby, completely removes any type of nail, screw or staple, even broken or backwards. - February 24, 2013

E.B. Tool Company Promotes Kwick Gripper Nail Puller Through GoFundMe

The Kwick Gripper nail remover, designed by E.B. Tool Company, is now featured on the online fundraising website, GoFundMe. - January 25, 2013

E.B. Tool Company Offers Kwick Gripper Nail Puller at Presale Discount Pricing

A new nail removal tool created by E.B. Tool Company completely removes any type of nail, screw or staple while minimizing damage to wood. - January 13, 2013

The EB Tool Company Introduces The KwickGripper Nail Puller to Easily Remove Nails, Screws, Staples and More

The KwickGripper nail puller effectively transfers leverage into extreme pulling force, completely removing any type of nail, screw or staple while minimizing damage to wood. - June 16, 2012

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