Infinisynth Releases "Spiral Default 2013"

Dark World International is proud to announce the release of "Spiral Default 2013" from Infinisynth.

Bantry, Ireland, February 25, 2013 --( Sound artist KarrArikh Tor returns to his band, Infinisynth, with the triumphant release of "Spiral Default 2013" on iTunes and CreateSpace. Providing some of the band's most inspirational guitar riffs melded with layered keyboards, "Spiral Default 2013" is a powerhouse album that will entice and intrigue new fans as well as entirely satisfy fans of the existing Infinisynth sound.

"Spiral Default 2013" reaches a new apex of KarrArikh Tor's creative flair. Songs are founded on driving rhythms and irresistible bass lines, showcasing Infinisynth's growing musical acumen. Matched with powerful guitars not heard since the 70s supergroups and some masterful keyboards, Infinisynth has created a charismatic album that will outlast most modern music releases. Listeners are enticed in by the opening song, "Immortal," through the first of many mesmerizing guitar riffs, then led song by song through this outstanding CD. Plaintive lyrics, reflecting views of society and family, address many of the most basic questions humanity faces in both "Sides" and "Family." "Ballad" grasps listeners softly, and leads them through a Pink Floyd-esque progression from the main song into the lead section and back again. Infinisynth's ability to move from one sound genre to another is clear as the industrial and biting "I am Machine" moves without a hitch into the jazz-based "Interpretations." The musical progression in "Soundwaves 1" through to "Soundwaves 4" impresses listeners with KarrArikh Tor's mastery over arrangements. Listeners are left with the hypnotic instrumental "Glimpses of Future," which makes it almost impossible to not return to the beginning of the release and listen through it again.

A few of the tracks included on "Spiral Default 2013" are re-written from earlier songs, according to KarrArikh Tor. "(Immortal) was the opening to Germania Saga. (The Fall) is one of the original 'Subnormal Episodes' tracks from 1993. (Family) is one of the Power Machine saga songs, (and) originally appeared on the 'Shadow and Shade EP.' (Leaves is) and old song of my, written in my late teens, which used the drummer's lyrics at the time. Some of these original songs had recording flaws that meant they were never released, others were 'unfinished songs that (KarrArikh Tor) wanted to try again.'" New songs include KarrArikh Tor's love of jazz. "I had recently been listening to Ella (Fitzgerald) sing 'How High The Moon,'" he admits. These influences can be heard clearly on 'Interpretations', which includes backing vocals by KarrArikh Tor's sister and fellow sound artist, Kylyra. Infinisynth's drive to explore the far reaches of music resulted in "Glimpses of Future." KarrArikh Tor comments, "It is an instrumental track which began with a perfect fifth resonation, and grew into the first song where I actually play a diminished chord in." Whatever the reason for Inifinisynth to tackle the tracks on "Spiral Default 2013," the result is an astounding, momentous release impressive for its musical genius.

Infinisynth has returned to Dark World International with the digital release of "Spiral Default 2013" on iTunes and physical release through CreateSpace. Perhaps one of the most important indie releases available, Infinisynth's "Spiral Default 2013" is a must for music lovers everywhere. Visit www. for more information.

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