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According to George Macdonald one of the directors from Jeu de casino en ligne they have decided to aggressively market Casino Splendido to a European audience.

Paris, France, August 04, 2007 --( ( Jeu de casino en ligne was established beginning 2007 to market casinos online. According to Henri Green they have head hunted for some of the best people in the casino industry to assist them with marketing their casino partners online. According to George and Henri they are achieving the results that they have set out to accomplish when they started the company.

· The company now refers approximately 1000 people per day to their casino partners mostly from European countries.
· Jeu de casino en ligne have obtained top keyword search phrases in search engines like google, msn and yahoo.
· They have increased their original casino offering from the top 10 casinos to the top 25 online casinos.
· They have secured 2 major casino partners as SEO clients.
· They now offer Free Casino Games directly from their own site.

According to George Macdonald they are now ready to move to second phase and decided to market Casino Splendido aggressively to European players.

During the past year the Online Casino industry have experienced phenomenal growth in continents like Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, and South America and in countries like Australia, Italy, France where the demand for alternative online casinos in their players home languages have increased dramatically.

According to George Macdonald because of this growth in the online casino industry casinos now have the money to provide not only fully translated software to their players but also the monies to hire professional people to offer support to their players in their own languages.

Casino Splendido recently added more languages to the gaming software that they offer from their casino and are now offering their games in Portuguese, German and Swedish, English, French and Italian.

One of the reasons why they are going to focus on promoting Casino Splendido over the next 6 months to their European players is because they believe that they are dealing the right way with this increased demand for online casino games from these European countries.

They have investigated several other possibilities but decided to go with Casino Splendido as their first choice. Casino Splendido is an already well-known casino brand in Europe and have a strong presence in countries like the UK, France and Italy.

They believe that by aggressively marketing it to German speaking players as well as Swedish players they can increase their bottom line significantly and effectively increase their European marketing segment.

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